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Not long ago, as I voiced my body insecurities, I still hear my mom yelling "YOU'RE CRAZY!!!"

Why her reaction? I have always been a fitness enthusiast. I played tennis since I was 8 y/o until I got into Varsity Tennis. I work out a minimum of 5 days a week, I eat healthy... in short, I do everything I can to  keep myself in great shape. And yet, when I was offered a role in an indie movie where I would potentially be in a bikini, my anxiety rose up. 


There are some areas of my body that I'm unable to improve with diet and exercise alone no matter what. After some research I found that many celebrities have access to amazing minimally invasive treatments to improve their faces and bodies, and keep themselves in top shape. So I was determined to find out what they were doing and seek out the best treatments out there!

I visited a number of spas and was a bit underwhelmed. I did not find a place that really worked for me. I'm really busy so I was looking for EFFECTIVE treatments, that I could do in and out, see RESULTS and later maintain. The usual spa did not offer me that. I realized I must not be the only one, so my mom and I decided to open our own one! We wanted to bring to everyone treatments I have tried and BELIEVE IN, the BEST technology out there, only available to VIP's before, and that produce REAL results. We also traveled to Colombia for a month and visited amazing spas just to see what my beautiful people there were up to when it comes to the best beauty treatments.

You might not be an actor like me, who due to my career choice must keep up with my image at all times, but we all deserve to look and feel at the top of our game. That sense of self-confidence is PRICELESS. When you feel more confident, nothing can stop you.


At NYCBODY we believe in technology. We offer you the best treatments for a total transformation. From facial rejuvenation, to celebrity smiles, to body sculpting... we got you!

We are really excited to welcome you to your new you, at The Ultimate City Spa!


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Let's Work TOWARD YOUR GOALS Together

We encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle, always incorporating physical exercise and good nutrition.


At NYCBODY we will complement your efforts to help you reach your personal goals FASTER.


We are all unique and how we want to look should be dictated by us and not by anyone else's beauty standards. 

When we feel confident, we can do ANYTHING!

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