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This vigorous, sculpting, localized massage is a favorite among celebrities and models in South America, and it is now here, at NYCBODY

This Colombian technique utilizes strategically shaped wooden tools to help mold the body by breaking and draining fat deposits, and stimulating lymphatic drainage

Perfect for cellulite reduction, pre- and post- liposuction and body sculpting



  • Cellulite reduction

  • Body contouring

  • Fluid retention

  • Increase blood flow and cell oxygenation

  • Excellent for pre- and post- liposuction


Our Wood Therapy treatment helps the targeted area induce lypolisis and lymphatic drainage, therefore helping shape and smooth the body. Treatment is done with a special lotion that delivers anti-inflammatory and fat reducing benefits.

Key benefits:

  • Increased lypolisis, oxygen and blood circulation in the area

  • Removal of toxins by draining lymph nodes

  • Body Sculpting

  • Cellulite reduction



  • Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and may cover multiple areas

  • Sessions can be done once or twice a week

  • Our recommended protocol is a minimum of 6 sessions



Individual session : $200

Package of 6:    $950  (save $250)

Package of 8:    $1200  (save $400)

Package of 10:  $1,350 (save $650)


Q: Is Wood Therapy painful?

A: The technician will apply pressure while using the wooden tools during the massage in order to maximize results, but it should be bearable.

Q: Is there any downtime after treatment?

A: No, you can resume your normal activities right after treatment.

Let's Work TOWARD YOUR GOALS Together

We encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle, always incorporating physical exercise and good nutrition.


At NYCBODY we will complement your efforts to help you reach your personal goals FASTER.


We are all unique and how we want to look should be dictated by us and not by anyone else's beauty standards. 

When we feel confident, we can do ANYTHING!

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