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Work out your muscles the equivalent of 100,000 repetitions in 30 minutes with the most advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system in the industry! 

Our best-in-class, ultra-intelligent adaptive technology will help you get toned and lean or strong and built, depending on your personal goals, for amazing, accelerated results

Building and maintaining healthy muscle tissue becomes much harder as we age. In addition to good nutrition, strength training is the best way to achieve this goal


The reality, however, is that not everyone has the time needed to engage in enough physical activity and exercise to obtain optimal results. At NYCBODY we offer you the MOST amazing shortcut in the history of the fitness industry!The equivalent of 3 months of training in a 30 minute session!


  • Mimic a REAL, ultra-intensive workout targeting different group muscles at optimized different parameters (not all muscles are worked out the same at the gym and neither do we)

  • Reach up to 100,000 repetitions in a single session

  • Smart-train the following group muscles: triceps, biceps, abdomen, obliques, hamstrings, thighs and gluteus for conditioning, toning and definition 


Welcome to the next level of EMS technology! Our system, FlexMax EMS, delivers precise flows of energy in a controlled manner, which allows ONLY the targeted muscle to be activated instead of heating the surrounding tissue, which makes our treatment 5 TIMES more powerful and effective than any other system in the industry.  


Paired with specific pulse durations by muscle group, performance-informed smart training programs and advanced adaptive algorithms, each treatment is fully personalized and mimics a real training session that can build intensity overtime. Our system enables effective and comfortable treatment programs regardless of your fitness level, resulting in stronger and more defined muscle appearance.

Key Benefits:

  • Muscle conditioning, toning and definition

  • Fully personalized training and treatment programs

  • Progression over time with tolerance and endurance


  • A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for best results

  • 2 treatments per week with 48 - 72 hours between treatments

  • Treatment is not painful or uncomfortable

  • You may experience pain the next day as if you went to the gym

  • Treatment duration is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the area


Per area:

Individual session : $600

Package of 6:    $3,400

Package of 8:    $4,400

Package of 10:  $5,000


Q: Can I have multiple areas treated at the same time?

A: Yes, you can get treatment on two different muscle groups at the same time

Q: Are there any other benefits to this treatment besides aesthetics?

A: Yes, in fact, strengthening your muscles help with mobility issues, back problems, etc.

Q: If I want to also burn fat, what other treatment should I combine EMS with?

A: Our amazing Multipolar RF Body Sculpting Treatment will tackle body contouring, skin laxity and cellulite. Our Laser Lypolisis/Fat EliminationTreatment kills fat cells from abdomen and sides up to 41%.

Q: I had bad effects from MMS recently, I was told uterus bleeding was caused by the treatment. Could this happen with your EMS?

A: Not at all. The energy delivered to the muscle with our EMS is contained within the area treated exclusively, there is zero risk of it ever going too deep, through your organs, like with MMS. Also, MMS treatments use only one big paddle that covers the whole area and uncontrolled power is diffused/ reaches other areas as it goes down. Our EMS technology delivers the treatment with small, intelligent paddles that focus ONLY on the muscle treated stimulating the nerve that supply the muscle and causing a contraction.

comparison between SMART EMS at NYCBODY and Emsculpt
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