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At NYCBODY we make nonsurgical transformations happen! We are proud to offer you the most advanced technology in the industry to help you achieve your individual goals.

Because when you feel confident, you can do anything!



Laser Lipolysis

Eliminate on average 41% of fat deposits with our cutting edge, nonsurgical, painless solution.

multipolar rf body sculpting

Skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite reduction and overall rejuvenated areas with the most powerful RF in the industry, combined with PEMF and Versa Suction.


Our revolutionary, real Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology is science backed, algorithm based to safely work out your muscles 100,000 repetitions in 30 minutes.


A backed-up lymphatic system will cause unexpected symptoms such as water retention, weight gain, stress, skin problems, poor circulation among others. Detox with our mechanical full body lymphatic drainage treatment.


Multipolar rf face lift

Increase collagen production and promote elastin fibers growth with the most powerful RF in the industry. This treatment will give you a lifted face, more defined features and less wrinkles, targeting all signs of aging.

ipl photofacial

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a form of laser that will help reverse sun damage, age spots and premature aging for a flawless complexion.

nanofractional RF skin resurfacing

Acne scars, scars, pores, wrinkles, deep wrinkles and rosacea can be effectively treated and improved with the most modern skin resurfacing treatment in the industry. This is the painless, less invasive version of RF Microneedling, safe for all skin tones.

ipl acne 

Get rid of the acne with our amazing IPL technology that kills the acne producing bacteria underneath your skin.

specialty facials

After an advanced skin analysis, enjoy the most luxurious, relaxing facial of your life. With no ad-ons in price, we will provide you with whatever will benefit your specific skin needs, such as oxygen therapy, micro current, spot LED Therapy, among others.


Best Botox at NYCBODY has no competition. Enjoy a more relaxed, youthful appearance with our injectables.


dental services

We care about your oral health and therefore offer you diagnostic and preventive, basic and major dental services with our experienced, pier recognized, award winning dentist Dr. John Salvi.

professional teeth whitening

A beautiful, whiter smile will make you look younger and healthier. Our professional teeth whitening sessions will make your smile more and stand out more.

EXCLUSIVE treatment sessions


The most amazing session for total skin transformation includes:

  • 1 Multipolar RF Face Lift

  • 1 IPL Photofacial

  • 1 Nanofractional Skin Resurfacing

body fix #1

See actual improvements in one amazing 90 minute session:

  • 1 Laser Lipolisis

  • 1 Multipolar RF Body Sculpting

  • 1 Pressotherapy


Visible results in only one 90-minute session? yes, it is possible:


  • 1 Multipolar RF Body Scultping

  • 1 Pressotherapy

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