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everything to smile about

Nothing enhances someone's appearance better than a beautiful smile. White, healthy teeth have always been a sign of youth and status

At NYCBODY we acknowledge the power of an inviting smile and how much confidence it brings us


We are excited to incorporate the health and beauty of your smile to 

your amazing transformation


We have a fully equipped, professional dental practice for your dental health and cosmetic goals. Make an appointment with Dr. Salvi to discuss your individual needs.



  • Dental evaluation and diagnostic digital x-rays:   $150

  • Prophylaxis (dental cleaning) and stain removal:   $250

  • Professional teeth whitening:  $500

  • Celebrity smile:  Please schedule an initial dental evaluation


Q: Who is your dentist?

A: Our dentist is John Salvi, DMD. He has over 35 year of experience in private practice in NYC and 20 years as a faculty member and Clinical Instructor at NYU College of Dentistry.

Q: Is the dental practice inside of NYCBODY or I have to go somewhere else?

A: Dr. Salvi conveniently practices inside of our medspa. You can have Face, Body and Smile treatments at NYCBODY.

Professional teeth whitening at NYCBODY
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